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Latest News

Iphone Version 1.00 and Android Version 1.6.3

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Iphone Version 1.00  is now on the App Store!!! Android version 1.6.3 available on the Android Market.

- More than 2200 levels available!!

- Android and iOS scores will be easily recognized with these versions of the game!!


Take a look to the screenshoots in the previous articles and give it a try!!!

Enjoy the game!!!


Last Updated on Friday, 01 July 2011 13:58

Angry Frogs Beta 1.3

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After a huge graphic update, now the menu shape is totally different!!

Thank you very much for help with the test!!


Version 1.3:

- Loading time ELIMINATED!

- New Menus

- Intuitive scroll: help you to center the slingshot while scrolling

- Levels must be unlocked sequentially (Editors can play with their own levels)

- Skip Level Function (after 5 game over)

- 240 built-in levels (to get new levels just click the update button, obviously every update is TOTALLY FREE)

- Editor mode: upload button available after playing the game.

- TEST button removed: Thank you so much for helping me!!!



Some new screenshot:


Last Updated on Sunday, 06 February 2011 12:50

Angry Frogs Beta 1.0

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I'm very glad to introduce you my new game: Angry Frogs.

It is basically an Angry Birds style game, with slingshots, blocks to be destroyed, explosions and different frogs with different powers.

Main characters are frogs that are fighting snakes.

My purpose is to continue my last game "Steel Shot" trying to add some new features to make the game experience more fun and amazing.

Main characteristics:

1) 13 frogs powers (7 unique and 6 frogs with combined powers).

2) Possibility to shot with more slingshots at the same time (up to 2 cause to andriod input limit).


4) Single Level highscores and ratings.

5) Top players highscores.


Try the LEVEL EDITOR, create your level, play it instantly and see the world come to life!!!

In tutorials section you will find a useful tutorial to start creating levels.


I just released the beta version with 40 levels and as soon as the version is stable I'll release the final version.

New Levels can be downloaded directly from inside the game, no need to update the application.

Every time new levels are released you have just to click the update button in the play menu.

The first time you download and install the app you need to download the levels.


In the main menu there is a bug report button that will help me a lot to fix any kind of bugs you will discover.

Thanks everybody in advance.


Please give it a try and enjoy!!!


This is a game play video:


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... and some screenshots:



Last Updated on Sunday, 06 February 2011 00:25